Will Robots In Healthcare Make Doctors Obsolete?


Artificial intelligence is advancing more quickly than ever, especially when paired with robotics, ushering in robotic assistants for home, office and even hospital use. Some have even expressed concern over the possibility of advanced robots in healthcare replacing human workers and taking over hospitals soon.

However, such fears may be unfounded especially at this time in spite of the fact that some hospitals are already using robots in the operating rooms for complex procedures. This is because present usage of AI and robots still leave humans in charge of the actual procedure and is mainly for delicate methods that call for the precision and accuracy the robots are designed for.

This is especially true with the da Vinci surgical system, which provides a magnified vision of the area being operated on and allows the surgeon to perform small but precise movements on a patient’s body. The technology has been in use for at least a decade and it has helped surgeons conduct more successful surgeries while still being in full control

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