AI Provider Falkonry Brings Real Time IoT Data To Bare Metal Cloud


Getting fast answers is a top job for information-intensive businesses that ingest, process, and analyze vast volumes of data. While adding more data and more complex algorithms can reveal richer insights, it can also slow down how fast the answers can be delivered.

Artificial intelligence service provider Falkonry grapples with this challenge every day. It works with IoT data from industrial companies, and looks to provide insights that can help its clients get value out of those vast streams of proprietary data. The results might include improved quality control, greater efficiency, and the ability to predict problems before they happen.

For instance, Falkonry can help a chemical manufacturing company identify ways to improve quality control before the output can even be tested for quality. The manufacturer can then leverage that knowledge to make tweaks to its process sooner.

The high volume of data and the need to get deep insights at a rapid pace are what has driven Falkonry to choose bare metal implementations of its stack.

“AI can be accelerated when we have some proximity to the hardware,” CEO Nikunj Mehta told InformationWeek in an interview. “We believe that, for our continuing success, being close to bare metal is important.”

Mehta said he believes that any IT organization that is pursuing an AI project to help its business achieve its goals would benefit from bare metal implementations. These implementations can provide benefits to IT organizations, too, Mehta said.

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