How Amazon, Google & Volvo Are Trying to Seamlessly Integrate the IoT Into Your Life


The internet of things (IoT), as a topic, has had marketers buzzing for a few years now. As it slowly becomes a reality in the lives of average people, some brands are getting out in front of the space more than others.

But there’s an emerging concept within IoT known as calm design, explained Haydn Sweterlitsch, chief creative officer at HackerAgency, who spoke at Cannes Lions earlier this week. Calm design is all about creating technology that blends seamlessly with regular life, where consumers don’t have to necessarily focus on a device or feature while using it. A teapot is an old-world tech example, where one doesn’t have to be in the same room to know that the tea is ready thanks to the whistle.

According to Sweterlitsch, Amazon, Google, Telsa and Volvo are brands leading the calm-design movement. None of the brands are his clients, to be clear.

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