Machine Translation: The Combination of Machine Learning and Human Intelligence


About 75% of the world does not speak English, not even as a second language. Inevitably, this results in most companies not having the ability to communicate with their entire audience. Why? Because translation is hard to do and even harder to scale, and pretty much every company that wants to be global has to do it, one way or another.

What might not be obvious is that the problem of these communication barriers is getting worse. When it comes to language, the Internet is diverging. In 1998 the Internet was mostly English. Today, the Internet has expanded massively with millions of new pages being created each day. Now, there are actually multiple Internets out there and English only represents 30% of the online content. You and I may live in an English Internet, but there is a Chinese Internet, an Arabic Internet, and a Russian Internet, as well as many others.

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