The World’s First “Smart-Tattoo” by MIT & Microsoft


The world’s most prestigious technology institution, MIT, and Microsoft have offered us another reason why we are truly living in The Matrix, whether we care to admit it or not. Also, this could pass for another reason to be as imaginably lazy as possible.

The school has a group of PhD’s in their Media Lab as well as scientists from Microsoft Research who have teamed up for a project to create the very first “smart”-tattoo. Artificial intelligence has been taken to the next level withDuoSkin, which is a temporary “gold-leaf” tattoo that enables a person to remotely control their smartphone with a mere index finger stroke onto their skin. It also allows a person to share data with others by simply rubbing onto the tattoo.

In a Facebook post via The Verge, you can see a demonstration of how the gold-colored tattoo is designed for skin-touch interactive technology.

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