Prisma Uses AI to Add an Artists Touch


Step aside, Instagram. There’s a newer, smarter photo app taking social media by storm: Prisma.

Most mobile photo-editing apps let you touch up photos with a built-in filter to add a nostalgic sepia tone, a touch of contrast or a darkening vignette.

Prisma does something different. The app takes an image, breaks it down and turns it into something new. The end result looks like something created by an artist with a paintbrush on canvas instead of a photo.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the app repaints an original picture from scratch. “We don’t use filters, which are applied on top of the picture,” said Alexey Moiseenkov, chief executive of Prisma Labs, the app’s maker.

The trick is that Prisma’s so-called neural networks have been trained to emulate many different art styles, and can transform your landscape photos, selfies or even snapshots of your cat into something much more interesting.

Read the source article at The New York Times