Databricks now supports Apache Spark 2.0


Databricks this week became the first company to make Apache Spark 2.0 generally available on its data platform.

The company, founded out of the UC Berkeley AMPLab by the team that created Apache Spark, says this latest release builds on what the community has learned in the past two years. It marks the first major release of open source Spark since the Spark 1.6 release in 2015.

“Since the release of Spark 1.0, we’ve spent countless hours listening to members of the Spark community and Databricks users to learn from a mix of praises and complaints,” Reynold Xin, Databricks’ chief architect and co-founder, said in a statement Tuesday. “Spark 2.0 builds on what the community has learned, doubling down on what users love and improving on what users lament.”

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