Google Makes Machine Learning Available To Enterprise IT


At its machine learning event, Google put on a display of APIs for use in automated image analysis and categorization — and for the translation of 103 languages. The company joins AWS and Microsoft in offering more of these services through the cloud.

Machine learning may be right around the corner as part of your IT infrastructure, whether you think you’re invested in such a technology or not.

Google wants intelligence emanating from machine data to be as readily available as the results of a keyword search.

Now, the company is taking steps to make it happen.

It’s offering machine learning interfaces with open APIs for independent or enterprise programmers to use with their applications. These include Cloud Vision API, Cloud Natural Language API, and Cloud Translation API.

The search giant is also building data analysis capabilities into common Google applications, such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. As a spreadsheet accumulates device information, for example, an Explorer feature can examine its patterns and generate a chart that describes them for the period of time contained on the spreadsheet.

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