How machine learning will take off in the cloud


A company that helps users to create their own websites now knows what kind of sites their 80 million users are building without pestering them with repeated questions.

Wix, a Tel Aviv-based Web development company, is using machine learning on Google’s cloud platform to learn more about its users so it can help them find the images they need to build interesting and useful websites.

That’s just the beginning of how machine learning will be used in the cloud, according to industry analysts who say machine learning will be the biggest thing that’s ever hit the cloud.

David Zuckerman, head of developer experience for Wix, said machine learning in the cloud will be a boon to companies that don’t have a major research division.

“The cloud has brought this technology to everyone,” he said. “It’s brought great technology within the reach of mere mortals. Machine learning has always been on the outer edges of what’s possible. For most, it’s been out of reach. Now this means people can get their feet wet. It’s taking machine learning as a service and binging it down to a level where more people can use the technology.”

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