Machine Learning Meets Smart Personalized Content


Imagine if great content found you because it’s smart enough to know who really wants to see it.  The future machine-learning era of human-curated content promises to cut through the next generation of media evolution and will make us all happier content consumers.

Over the next ten years, content embedded with machine-learning technology will start to be smart enough to seek out its own audience. This will solve a growing frustration for consumers today.

About three years ago, several companies independently started to work on this idea of smart content that is distributed and consumed in personalized feeds, each with its own different content type — user-generated vs. premium — and format — stories, photos, or videos. As an example, Facebook made its posts smarter by targeting them to audiences with specific interests; the Newsfeed now promotes posts based on you, no longer serving as just a timeline built on when someone you follow posts an update. Twitter recently introduced an algorithmic timeline to prioritize tweets according to their importance to you, significantly moving away from a timeline feed based on chronological order.

Machine learning will be used to place good content that you care about in front of you when you’re online — on whatever device or social network you happen to be using. This will profoundly change our experiences with videos and stories, ushering in a new era of content discovery.

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