New Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature AI services


The next premium Galaxy S series that would follow the disgraced and short-lived Galaxy Note7 will feature artificial intelligence (AI) as the smartphone competition among technology giants reached a new level after Google, a leader in AI, released Pixel phones running on voice-activated personal assistant.

The new flagship model will not only come with improvements across the hardware spec from design to camera and expanded mobile payment and cloud services, but also AI-powered function, the world’s top smartphone maker said in a conference call Thursday following the release of disappointing third-quarter earnings after it reflected losses from fallout of Galaxy Note7 that was released and discontinued over the last three-month period.

Upon hints from the company, the Galaxy S8 series will add borrowed AI software on top of its traditional cutting-edge component strengths such as super-fast memory chip and flexible display panel.

Samsung could incorporate services with the phone and other hardware it makes from tablet PCs to TVs and other home appliances to cut out unique habitat of smart home and lifestyle. An AI-powered phone goes beyond a smart handheld device as it can predict what its user wants and needs to dictate his or her lifestyle.

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