Qualcomm is enabling more AI on your smartphone

The benefits of machine learning continue to trickle down to smartphones and gadgets, and chipmaker Qualcomm wants to help speed up the process. The company is launching a new software development kit for its “machine intelligence platform” Zeroth. This SDK will make it easier for companies to run deep learning programs directly on devices like smartphones and drones — if they’re powered by one of Qualcomm’s chips, of course.

Right now, you’re probably using all sorts of deep learning programs you don’t know about. Companies like Google and Facebook use this sort of software for things like image and voice recognition, but usually, this process happens in the cloud, with the results beamed to your phone. Qualcomm’s Zeroth SDK (called the Qualcomm Snapdragon Neural Processing Engine) gives manufacturers and companies an easy toolset to run limited deep learning programs locally.

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