Is the goal of democratising AI just a pipe dream?


Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM and other tech companies have joined forces to democratise artificial intelligence (AI) and make it available for everyone. But what are their real motives?

The AI world is exploding. 10 of the biggest power brokers have joined forces to bring some clarity to a world still fumbling with smartphones, and one that hasn’t quite gotten its head around what AI really means for it.

It’s called the Partnership on AI to benefit People and Society.

Sounds lofty and earnest, but these are businesses after all. Could this be more of the passive-aggressive PR shtick from a bunch of tech giants who talk about being open and transparent, but really prefer to keep you at arm’s length behind security desks and email addresses that no one replies to?

It’s like talking up social media when your approach can at best be described as sociopathic.

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