Product Roundup: DDN, AI-powered Drug Discovery; Frictionless Facial Authentication


By AI Trends Staff

This is the first of a regular AI Trends round up of new products, partnerships and announcements in artificial intelligence for business. This month, we highlight new offerings and tools from DDN, dotData, Daedalean, and Alcatraz AI.

dotData, the first and only company focused on delivering end-to-end data science automation and operationalization for the enterprise, today announced the availability of Version 1.4 of its dotData Data Science Automation Platform. This latest update adds significant enhancements to the platform and provides users with deeper insights, increased flexibility, ease-of-use, and greater performance to meet their specific business goals. Key updates of the dotData Platform Version 1.4 include feature engineering from geo-temporal data, new State-of-the-Art Machine Learning Algorithms, Enhanced Automatic Data Preprocessing, and Drag-and-Drop Data Collection. Press Release

Searching for a way to ensure safety in various weather and emergency conditions, the founders of the Swiss company Daedalean decided to develop a universal software solution for an advanced autopilot to be used in eVTOLs (electronic vertical takeoff and landing vehicles). The software solution is powered by UNIGINE 3D engine for advanced autopilots used in eVTOL. Using virtual environment for computer vision training before trying a vehicle on real roads has a list of benefits. You can create various emergency scenarios without risk and high expenses, and safely imitate situations of AI-Human interaction. You can easily reconfigure a virtual training environment as many times as you need without monetary and time costs for the real polygon construction, and you can test your aircraft at a very early stage of engineering, without a ready-to-go prototype. Press Release

DataDirect Networks (DDN) has announced a partnership with Robovision, maker of a self-service deep learning platform, which enables organizations to bring concrete, maintainable AI applications live in mere weeks. The company also announced a new Platinum Tier within the DDN PartnerLink program, exclusively for NVIDIA DGX-certified resellers of DDN A³I with NVIDIA DGX-1, DGX POD, and DGX-2. This specialized tier is designed to provide added support to the resellers who work closely with AI and deep learning customers and best understand their needs, and to support them with the highest quality of service. The new tier will provide resellers with exclusive offerings from DDN, including access to proof of concept units for qualified opportunities, special pricing for demo units, guaranteed margins for registered deals, and special pricing on DDN A³I with NVIDIA DGX systems. Press Release

Ono Pharmaceutical, a Japanese pharmaceutical research and development company, and twoXAR, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven biopharmaceutical company, have signed a drug discovery research collaboration to jointly discover and develop novel, efficacious treatments to address unmet medical needs in a specific neurological disease. Under the agreement, twoXAR will use its proprietary AI technology to identify a set of lead compounds which demonstrate a novel mechanism of action and will be further optimized by Ono for potential drug candidates. twoXAR will also predict a set of hypotheses which suggest the efficacy and safety of such lead compounds for the therapy. twoXAR and Ono will select several compounds with their hypotheses from this set to test in further validation studies. Ono will retain exclusive rights to develop and commercialize the compounds obtained through this collaboration throughout the world, and in return, twoXAR will receive research and license fees from Ono as well as development and sales milestones. Press Release

Agenus has launched an AI based, big data analysis platform called Adaptive Learning Platform Systems or “ALPS” with cancer immunotherapy research.  ALPS is designed to provide new insights into cancer biology, predict responses to treatment, identify new targets for drug development, and help develop precision combination strategies for cancer patients. With the integration of Big Data and immunotherapy research, Agenus scientists can now identify previously unknown trends to determine “immune fitness” in patients. Newsletter

Alcatraz AI, a company working on facial authentication frictionless access control for the enterprise, announced its first AI-enabled product today: a full stack platform with custom hardware on the edge, software on-premises and in the cloud. The Palo Alto-based startup leverages facial recognition, 3D sensing, and machine learning to enable highly secure and multi-person frictionless access control. Alcatraz has raised close to $6M in total funding. Alcatraz’s first product has the first-in-the-industry instant one-factor authentication for multi-person in-the-flow sensing. It uses multiple built-in cameras for real-time 3D facial mapping and NVIDIA GPU-powered deep neural networks. This allows for multi-person facial authentication as well as the automatic enrollment of individuals using current access control methods, such as badging. Alcatraz can deploy at locations where thousands of employees require access to buildings, without burdening HR or IT with the task of enrolling employees into a new security system. Additional features of the Alcatraz platform include tailgate detection, real-time notifications with video and access control analytics. The platform enables efficient and guardless entry flow and is scalable, fast to deploy, and easily integrates with existing access control systems. Website