How AI Is Changing The Retail Experience For Consumers


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing everything from marketing to healthcare. And this holiday season is the beginning of the future for how marketers will leverage AI to better understand, connect with, and create superior experiences for consumers. To better appreciate the impact that AI is having on retailers, I connected with IBM’s first CMO, Michelle Peluso. Peluso has a strong background in retail, having served at the CEO of Gilt as well as the Global Consumer Chief Marketing and Internet Officer at Citigroup. Peluso provides her thoughts below on how Watson’s AI capability is changing the way retailers impact the consumer shopping experience.

Whitler: As we move rapidly into the holiday shopping season, what are the biggest changes impacting marketing?

Peluso: This is an exciting period for CMOs and CEOs everywhere. You start working on holiday in June, so the preparations, merchandising, engagement, and relationship developing activity have been place for some time—it’s fun when it starts to crescendo and you get to see the planning come to fruition. Over the years, we’ve seen a big shift to online shopping, which means there is an increase in the amount of data CMOs can use to understand their business and enhance the consumer’s shopping experience. However, this year, what I think is most exciting for marketers is the opportunity to use AI to improve CX (consumer experience).  AI empowers marketers to not just use readily available data, but to put dark data to use for the first time.

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