New Robot-Staffed Adidas Shoe Factory opening in Atlanta


Your next Adidas runners might be made in America – by a robot. The shoemaker revealed more details today about its coming ‘Speedfactory,’ which it previously announced would be coming to the U.S. in 2017. The factory will call Atlanta home, and feature 74,000 square feet of robot shoe making capability, with full operational status target for the end of next year.

The factory has an output capacity of 50,000 Paris of shoes per year, which is only a small slice of its overall annual shoe shipments. But the Atlanta facility will be Adidas’ second Speedfactory, joining the original in its home territory of Germany. Humans will benefit, too: The company says that it will create about 160 jobs for people overseeing the factory, too.

While it’s far too early to say that Adidas and others are charting a path towards robot-led manufacturing, these early experiments do seem to indicate a lot of interest. And Adidas cites the ability of the factories to be nimble in terms of customization as a key factor. Increasingly, shoemakers including rival Nike are offering shoe creation tools to customers as a way to sell more sneaks. Paint-by-numbers shoe components and robots programmed to mix and match are a great way to serve this market efficiently and with fewer errors in putting together combinations.

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