Finally, a robot that will rake your leaves and shovel snow


A New York startup unveiled Kobi on Thursday, a robot it says can autonomously shovel snow, collect leaves and cut grass.

“We’re on a mission to help people not spend time on yard work,” said Steven Waelbers, cofounder of The Kobi Company. “We want people to enjoy their free time with their family.”

Owners will need to reconfigure the robot’s attachment — similar to how many vacuums work –depending on the task it’s carrying out. Before the robot operates independently, an owner must manually wheel it around the yard — taking it around any obstacles like trees, bushes or mailboxes. By doing this, the robot is taught the perimeter of the lawn, and won’t accidentally destroy someone’s prized rose bush or start roaming the neighborhood.

Once this setup is complete, and the $3,999 robot has been trained on where to cut grass, rake leaves and shovel snow, it operates without any supervision.

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