Hyundai Plans to Make Wearable Robotic Assistants


If you ever needed help lifting heavy objects or walking or even running, then Hyundai’s robotics assistant may be just the help you need.

As of this writing most car manufacturers have already considered or are looking into adopting some sort autonomous driving. However, multinational conglomerate Hyundai is not only looking at self-driving cars, but they also have plans for personal mobility via robotics.

Apparently, Hyundai is among a group of other auto manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda who have been looking at how personal robotics can help with mobility issues. Hyundai seems to be the closest to making some mobile strides in the personal robotics arena.

We have many science fiction movies where exoskeletons have been used to help the hero save the day.  Hyundai has developed an exoskeleton that can improve the mobility of the user in three areas.

1.    Medical Devices – Ideal for people who can’t get around by providing the ability to walk or stand.
2.    Assistive Devices – Ideal for people who have difficulty moving.  These robots could possibly be outfitted to existing wheelchairs
3.    Wearable Devices – Ideal for people in jobs that require carry heavy loads or performing functions beyond the ability of a single individual.

Read the source article at The DailyTech.