OpenTrons Aims To Be The ‘PC’ Of Biotech Labs


Robotics startup OpenTrons has come up with a way it believes will make wet lab experiments faster and cheaper – automation.

Most life science research is still done by hand. This can be a tedious process that OpenTrons hopes to diminish by using robotics and software to complete it.

“Basically, if you’re a biologist you spend all of your time moving tiny amounts of liquid around from vial to vial by hand with a little micro-pipette or you have a $100,000 robot that does it for you. We’re a $3,000 robot,” OpenTrons co-founder Will Canine explained to TechCrunch.

Canine refers to these more expensive machines as ‘mainframe’ machines – or computers that existed before the PC came about. He believes his machine is more like an actual PC.

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