Predictive Analytics Coupled with Machine Learning Can Enhance Security


Cybersecurity experts and analysts are constantly trying to keep pace with changes and trends in the volatile and ever-shifting landscape of IT security.

Despite sophisticated tools and solutions that are being rolled out by cybersecurity vendors, every IT security officer knows that data breaches eventually happen — it’s not about theif but the when — and they usually go undetected for a long time.

Machine-learning-powered solutions have somewhat remedied the situation by enabling organizations to cut down the time it takes to detect attacks. But we’re still talking about attacks that have already happened.

What if we could stay ahead of threat actors and predict their next attack before they take their first destructive step? It might sound like a crazy idea out of Spielberg’s Minority Report,but thanks to the power of predictive analytics, it might become a reality.

Predictive analytics is the science that is gaining momentum in virtually every industry and is enabling organizations to modernize and reinvent the way they do business by looking into the future and obtaining foresight they lacked previously.

This rising trend is now finding its way into the domain of cybersecurity, helping to determine the probability of attacks against organizations and agencies and set up defenses before cybercriminals reach their perimeters. Already, several cybersecurity vendors are embracing this technology as the core of their security offering. Here’s how predictive analytics is changing the cybersecurity industry.

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