AI will eliminate tedious jobs, but also create new class of knowledge worker


Meet your newest employee, Amelia. She’s intelligent, well groomed, and responsive to your moods. If she seems a little robotic, well, that’s because she’s actually an artificially intelligent entity living inside a software platform.

From Alexa to Viv, the world is now full of voice-enabled cloud-connected assistants. But Amelia is more than merely a series of speech-savvy algorithms — she’s Siri with a doctorate in psychology.

Thanks to advances in semantic analysis, Amelia can step you all the way through a sophisticated business process, like purchasing insurance. By analyzing the language you use and your tone of voice, Amelia can also detect when you’re unhappy and pass you immediately to a human. Then, as you’re unspooling your anger to a long-suffering support agent, Amelia listens and applies what she learns to future interactions.

“Amelia is not just another fun and friendly chatbot,” says Ben Case, solutions architect for IPsoft, the “digital labor company” that created her. “Her goal is to be practical and pragmatic; to answer questions, retrieve information, and solve problems using her semantic network and sophisticated sentiment analysis.

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