Is chat the next generation of how we interact with the internet?


There has been quite some buzz around Facebook’s Messenger platform lately. And that’s not all. Almost daily, you can read new articles about chatbots, conversational interfaces, digital assistants, AI and messaging platforms. Is chat the next generation of how we connect and interact with the internet? Can Facebook’s Messenger eventually become the platform that connects all services that consumers need?

Since the launch of the Messenger platform with chatbots in April, Facebook has allowed businesses to deliver automated interactive experiences, e-commerce guidance and customer support with the help of chatbots. Thanks to the new Send/Receive API, these chatbots can send not only text but also structured messages, including images, hyperlinks and CTA buttons, within their customer interactions.

Users can browse product carousels to discover options and get directed to the web to finish their purchase. Recently, Facebook additionally announced that chatbots can now send promotions and subscription-based messages that make retargeting, up-selling and cross-selling possible.

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