IBM’s Cognitive Social Media Command Center is bringing Wimbledon to you


Most tennis fans would salivate over the chance to witness Serena Williams attempt to win Wimbledon and tie Steffi Graf’s 22 Grand Slams, pulling within two of Margaret Court’s 24 for the most major singles titles in women’s tennis history. But for those unable to make the trip to London to witness the tournament, which is currently in full swing, IBM now offers a new way to experience the event via Wimbledon’s official smartphone apps and website.

In addition to improvements made to Wimbledon’s official smartphone apps for iOS and Android and a new Apple TV app — all of which IBM designed, built and hosts via its iX hosting team — the company is also powering this year’s tournament with its new Cognitive Social Media Command Center, which was built with the company’s Watson and hybrid cloud technologies.

Backed by Watson’s ability to read and understand natural language, the Cognitive Command Center ingests feeds across several social media platforms. It separates conversations about Wimbledon from conversations about other sports going on right now — like the Euro 2016 soccer tournament — and pinpoints and highlights trending topics about Wimbledon itself. Across roughly two weeks of the tournament, IBM will capture 3.2 million data points from 19 courts with an accuracy target of 100 percent and a sub-second response time.

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