Slack forms Search, Learning, & Intelligence Group focused on ‘mining the chat corpus’


Team communication app Slack has hired Foursquare executive Noah Weiss to head up a new Search, Learning, & Intelligence Group for Slack, which will be part of the well-funded startup’s new New York office.

“The focus is on building features that make Slack better the bigger a company is and the more it uses Slack,” Weiss wrote today in a Medium post. “The success of the group will be measured in how much more productive, informed, and collaborative Slack users get — whether a company has 10, 100, or 10,000 people.”

Weiss is looking for people well versed in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and information retrieval. From that I gather that he’ll be building technology that will make it possible for users to quickly find specific information on a given topic within Slack. Or, as he puts it, the team will be focused on “mining the chat corpus.”

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