25 interesting European AI start-ups to watch in 2017


There are literally hundreds of promising companies pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Europe.

We’ve included a number of Israel-based start-ups because they too fall into the sphere of influence of European investors. And, judging by recent acquisitions of Israel-based machine vision and AI companies by players like Apple and Intel, they are definitely producing the goods.

There are quite a few Dublin and Northern Ireland companies in there too, carrying the torch sparked by forerunners like Movidius, acquired last year by Intel for a rumoured sum of $300m.

If there was a time to be alive when the technology revolution is burning at its most fierce, it is now.

The revolution has shifted from computers in server halls and at desks to delivering the power of supercomputing to the device in your pocket, on your wrist, in your car or in your building.

Making sense of all the data are powerful artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms, turning technology from a request into a conversation.

Intelligent chatbots can advise you on how to run your finances or your business, build better products, make better drugs or find a diamond of truth in the coal.

Here are the start-ups to watch in all of these areas.


Amsterdam-based Aigency helps start-ups to build algorithms, bots and other AI tools by acting as a kind of middle man.

It earns revenues through a pay-per-use model using blockchain-based smart contracts, and takes a 10-20pc commission.


Founded by Trinity College Dublin PhD graduate Eric Risser, Artomatix is on its way to help define the future of entertainment and design.

The company’s technology uses AI to help game designers and Hollywood create hyper-realistic 3D worlds.

Artomatix, a previous Siliconrepublic.com Start-up of the Week, counts several Fortune 500 companies among its initial clients.

The company recently raised €2.1m in a seed round.

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