Bot market for startups, challenging with great opportunity


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Dexter, the bot platform incubated by Betaworks, announced last week that it had raised $2.3 million to accelerate its bot platform. Originally begun as a workflow automation platform, Dexter recently shifted its focus onto the bot market. Dexter’s funding is the latest addition to a large series of venture capital funding events in the bot market. Despite the VC appetite for bot technology companies, the bot market might prove to be a tough environment for startups.

The previous statement doesn’t pretend to be an apocalyptic prediction for the bot startup ecosystem. Quite the opposite, I am incredibly optimistic about the potential of bots. However, unlike mobile technology or the internet of things, the bot technology market exhibits some very unique characteristics that could result in a challenging environment for startups.

5 Reasons why the bot market can be tough for startups

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