Can chatbots help build your next website?


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Small businesses have their pick of affordable DIY website-building platforms: Squarespace,WixWeebly and Strikingly, to name a few. But these “no coding skills required” platforms struggle to acquire and retain customers. While the UI of these platforms is often beautifully designed, it’s still too much work — and for business owners, who has the time?

A fresh crop of website-builder startups noticed that the “build a website from your browser” pitch is not enough to attract non-technical business owners who have no interest in becoming their own web designers. These startups are leading a “death of DIY” movement that is putting the power of design and development back into the hands of experts. The bet is that the full-service, i.e. “do it for you,” model is a better approach than asking small-business owners to do all the hard work themselves.

In addition to providing human expertise, these startups are employing new AI and chatbot technologies to optimize the website-building process. The goal is to provide enough time savings and professional design support to lift the burden off the small business owner, making them more satisfied and more likely to stick with the service.

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