Ex-­Googlers raise $2.5M for Pattern, to manage customer relationships for salespeople


Pattern, a year-old, Redwood City, Ca.- based startup, wants to become a kind of external brain that lightens the load of managing customer relationships for salespeople. Felicis Ventures, SoftTech VC, and First Round Capital have just furnished the company with $2.5 million in seed funding toward that end, too.

You can kind of see why, given the problem Pattern is trying to tackle. According to founders Derek Draper, Zack Moy, and Josh Valdez — all ex-Googlers — a salesperson’s book of business produces more than 5,000 “signals” in any given month, creating information overload. The tools that many use can exacerbate the problem, too. Think email, calendar, spreadsheets, to-do lists, their CRM system, their phone.

Draper, Moy, and Valdez, who are currently running the company with five other former colleagues from Google, say they were long ago inspired to fix the problem. In fact, Draper and Valdez met at Wildfire, a social media marketing company that sold to Google in 2012. They say that there, they invested more heavily in sales operations than do most companies, including coming up with fresh tech to help Wildfire’s sales team use their time more efficiently.

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