DimensionalMechanics builds AI pattern recognition and analysis toolkits


DimensionalMechanics develops off-the-shelf pattern recognition and analysis tools so companies don’t need to build their own artificial intelligence software.

Who: Rajeev Dutt, president and CEO

The team: Dutt, who has a background in theoretical physics and has done software-development work at Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Intel, oversees an 11-person team that includes software developers, mathematicians, data-science experts and a psychologist.

“What’s nice about the Seattle area is there’s a growing job force, and talent in educated people who are skilled at doing these kinds of things,” Dutt said.

Not quite robots: Artificial intelligence is a pretty broad term (and often misused, industry insiders say). When Dimensional execs say A.I., they don’t mean a fully conversant robot that can also fold your laundry. Instead, they’re building a software platform that provides off-the-shelf pattern recognition and analysis tools. The idea is to enable businesses to take advantage of advances in smarter computing without employing legions of mathematicians and software developers.

Media focus: An early customer target for Dimensional is broadcast-media companies, Dutt says. In the fierce competition for attention on the internet, media groups could be helped by software that can spot patterns and tell them what about a particular video or headline was a hit with users, or indicate where they can improve. Dimensional also sees potential applications in medicine, defense, video gaming, design, and other data-intensive industries.

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