Here’s What Happens When a Deep Litigator Understands Deep Learning


AI Trends editors spent a few minutes with Nick Brestoff last week as his company, the deep learning startup Intraspexion announced that it will launch its patent-pending system to avoid litigation at the 2016 AI World this coming November 7-9 in San Francisco.

According to Nick Brestoff, Intraspexion’s CEO, his company’s mission is for there to be less litigation in the world. “While deep learning is all the rage, what’s been lacking is a strong application. We have that.”

“The business community’s been looking for a way to avoid litigation since, well, forever,” Brestoff said. “That’s the problem we’ve solved.”

Brestoff likens Intraspexion to preventive medicine and preventive maintenance. “Soon the business community will have a way to prevent litigation. They’ll be cheering because the litigation cost and caseload data shows that, by avoiding only three average lawsuits, a company can preserve over $1 million.”

Brestoff bridges two worlds. He has engineering degrees from UCLA and Caltech, a law degree from USC, and litigated in California for 38 years before founding Intraspexion. “Here’s what we do in a nutshell: We use deep learning to find the risk of litigation in the company’s internal emails before the company has to manage the lawsuit,” he says.

The software startup, based in the Seattle area but with co-founders in Los Angeles, New York, and the Toronto area, indexes a company’s emails and attachments, and then lets its pre-trained deep learning algorithm score the emails for accuracy in comparison to the text from specific litigation categories of risk. Then it sends an “early warning” alert to the company’s in-house counsel.

“If the risky email is confirmed, the company can investigate and nip the risk in the bud,” Brestoff added.

“I’ll be candid,” Brestoff says. “Law firms won’t like us. Our approach explodes their business model, at least as far as litigation is concerned. But their clients will love us, and so will the lawyers who work for them. They’ll be much more valuable as risk investigators than as litigation managers. That’s the revolution we’re offering for the legal profession.”

note: Intraspexion will be among eight exhibitors in the Emerging AI Products Pavilion at AI World, and will speak at the AI Technology Solutions Theater on November 8.

by Andy Mitchell, editorial contributor, AI Trends