NVIDIA Creates Program for Deep Learning AI Startups


NVIDIA unveiled a comprehensive global program to support the innovation and growth of startups that are driving new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and data science. The NVIDIA Inception Program provides unique tools, resources and opportunities to the waves of entrepreneurs starting new companies, so they can develop products and services with a first-mover advantage.

The Inception Program provides innovative startups with key support to help grow their businesses and bring revolutionary products to market faster. Benefits include access to:

  • Latest NVIDIA deep learning technologies – Early access to the latest GPU hardware, as well as theNVIDIA Deep Learning SDK, theNVIDIA® DIGITS™ deep learning GPU training System, the NVIDIA GPU Inference Engine and more.
  • Deep learning expertise – Access to NVIDIA’s deep learning experts and world-class engineering teams, which include computational mathematicians who specialize in designing algorithms for GPU-accelerated computing platforms.
  • NVIDIA’s global network – Customers, partners and suppliers, and NVIDIA marketing reach.
  • Technical training – Online and in-person courses via the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute.
  • Funding – Qualified companies may be eligible for funding through NVIDIA’s GPU Ventures Program.

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