With EmoWatch your Apple Watch knows how you are feeling


Siri is good for a lot of things, but she generally doesn’t care much whether you sound your usual perky self. Launching today is EmoWatch, a new app for your iPhone and Apple Watch that will take care of that side of things, helping you track your emotional state.

EmoWatch is basically a technical demo app for Smartmedical Corp‘s Empath. Well, I say ‘app’; it’s not a very advanced one: The iPhone app is sparse to the point of being just barely on the right side of a minimum viable product. Frankly, I’m surprised they were able to get it past the iTunes App Store reviewers, but it does do what it needs to: offer a conduit to the Apple watch, and showing a read-out (in the form of a graph) of your moods throughout the day. And literally nothing else. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, you’ll be mightily confused, because the iPhone app doesn’t give you the slightest hint about what you’re meant to do.

Extreme minimalism didn’t stop me from being absolutely fascinated, however.

Most of the magic is happening server-side, behind the scenes. It works by taking a short sample of your voice. The app appears to be content after just 2-3 seconds, barely enough time to get a full sentence out. It then analyzes the audio sample for a number of parameters, including intonation, pitch, speed, and volume.

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