GM teams with IBM to create automotive marketing experiences via AI


Automotive giant General Motors has partnered with IBM to add the latter’s artificial intelligence smarts to its cars. IBM’s Watson will be used to augment GM’s OnStar service, which currently offers features like vehicle tracking and turn-by-turn navigation for a monthly subscription fee.

The upgraded OnStar Go, though, seems to be more about advertising than anything else. GM says the main use will be to let drivers “connect and interact with their favorite brands,” with Watson crunching data on users habits to deliver personalized services. Depending on your outlook, some of these services could be genuinely useful. Or, they could be just another unnecessary and intrusive attempt to sell you things. This time, though, it’s happening in your car.

Details on these services are pretty thin at the moment, but GM has outlined a number of potential uses, including:

  • Curating “personalized experiences” on iHeartRadio based on drivers’ listening habits
  • Directing drivers to nearby Exxon and Mobil fuel stations when their car is running low on gas
  • Making in-car payments using Mastercard’s Masterpass system

Read the source article at The Verge.