Ride-Sharing, the Progenitor of Autonomous Cars, is Good for Cities


The University of California, Berkeley (UC-B) has published a study, sponsored by Mercedes-Benz’ parent Daimler, that shows that ride-sharing services have a positive impact on cities that embrace them. This is good news for the likes of Uber, but also for Daimler, as it owns car2go – a service that was launched in Austin, Texas, and is now running in 30 cities globally.

For the IoT, this is good news, as self-driving autonomous vehicles are an evolution of these ride-sharing services – where a shared fleet of vehicles provides the same level of work as a much larger private fleet, with significantly less pollution and (hopefully) congestion. The smart city infrastructure, and the V2X equipment in particular, is an important component in the adoption process for autonomous vehicles – and a source of a lot of lucrative contracts for systems integrators.

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