AI Trends Weekly Briefing: Bringing Needed Skepticism, Insight to Self-Driving Car Sizzle

John Desmond, Editor, AI Trends

Dr. Lance Eliot has been gracing the pages of the AI Trends newsletter since January with his columns on self-driving cars. Astute and dedicated readers will note that each entry is equivalent to a book chapter of some 2,000 words. We have published over 30 of them so far. Who says you can’t publish deep content in a technology email newsletter?

Dr. Eliot has launched, run and sold three high-tech businesses and is currently the CEO of Techbrium, Inc., whose mission is to foster innovation in business. He is most interested in self-driving cars and organizes each chapter in his mind while driving to and from work in California.

The observant reader will note the originality of his work, and the needed skepticism he brings to the topic of self-driving cars, which tends to be assumed by most media headlines to be much farther along than it really is. Many smart and highly-paid engineers are working on it, and they have a long way to go. Examples of his insights: “Some self-driving car makers are pretending that s self-driving car does not have to contend with human drivers also on the road. These head-in-the-sand developers are envisioning a world in which all cars on the road are only self-driving cars.” Then, “This vision is a crock.” The main topic of that one was “human driving foibles” such as the Slow Poke, the Crazy Lane Changer and the Close Follower among others.

If plans go well, Dr. Eliot will be having a book signing at the AI World event in Boston in December, another reason to go to the show.

The main mission of the AI Trends newsletter and the AI World trade show is to discuss the state of artificial intelligence in the enterprise. For example, how is Monsanto using AI to help farmers? How is the Bank of New York using AI to help its customers and investors? How is General Electric using AI in industrial engineering? How is Vodafone using AI in telecommunications? These are all topics we explore. The next column will go into more depth on our Executive Interviews.

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by John Desmond, Editor, AI Trends